LITV is truly a unique event.  Hosted across 50+ venues throughout the Napa Valley over 4 days, ranging from back porches, to wine caves, to theaters, and everything in between.  It takes an army of staff and a variety of systems to accommodate these “one of a kind” experiences.  From an intimate singer-songwriter performance for 20 people, to full band productions in a 1200 seat theater, 242 Concepts executes these events flawlessly with our vast inventory and expertise.

With more than 45 years of touring under their belts, GT&D put on an entertainment experience full of value for their fans.  We’re proud to be their longtime production provider throughout the world.  Whether it’s a theater on Tuesday, an Arena on Friday, or an Outdoor Festival of 20,000 on Saturday, GT&D entrust 242 Concepts to deliver an impeccable production suited to a variety of environments.



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